101 rules for dating leykis

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If you’ve been crossed off the “I’ll sleep with him” list, it’s very very difficult, and time consuming to get back on it. If you’re on the list, you can still screw it up by being a jackass.If nothing’s happened in 3 dates, it’s time to move on.

Leykis says, “if you’re the risky type, stick around and sue her for attempted extortion.” Habanero and Tabasco are two widely used. In fact, you should not engage in any conversation with a woman at work unless it directly relates to work. If you go beyond this, you’re a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Put some inside the used condom and kill the sperm. If you do date a coworker and you break up, things can get tense around the office (especially if it was a nasty breakup).

Leykis’ 101 class is currently held on The Tom Leykis Show on Thursdays.

$40.00 Spending Limits Leykis 101 students are cautioned against spending more than $40 on a date.

Anyways, I had pretty much a good relationship for almost 10 years, the end was regretful, specially her actions and the way she handled it (not her fault, just how women are at the end).

101 rules for dating leykis

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