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BBVA Group’s consolidated financial statements and the financial statements for the Bank and most of the remaining entities within the Group have been prepared as of December 31, 2016, and are pending approval by their respective AGMs.

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Estimates have to be made at times when preparing these consolidated financial statements in order to calculate the recorded amount of some assets, liabilities, income, expenses and commitments.

These estimates relate mainly to the following: Although these estimates were made on the basis of the best information available as of December 31, 2016 on the events analyzed, future events may make it necessary to modify them (either up or down) over the coming years.

The COSO framework sets five components that constitute the basis of the effectiveness and efficiency of the internal control systems: The ICFR is a dynamic model that evolves continuously over time to reflect the reality of the BBVA Group’s businesses, processes, risks and controls designed to mitigate them.

It is subject to a continuous evaluation by the internal control units located in the different entities of BBVA Group.

This would be done prospectively in accordance with applicable standards, recognizing the effects of changes in the estimates in the corresponding consolidated income statement.

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