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If there was a national priority in America in the 1950s, it was to create a safe, secure, calm and orderly community in which millions of post-war Americans could start a family.

Sandwiched in between the generations of new postwar families and their boom of babies was a generation of teenagers.

John Mc Keon recalled, "What I remember most about the 50s were rules. To quote Michael Ventura, who was there: For one thing, for us white kids, the real '50s was only the latter half of the decade, because we didn't have rock'n'roll until well into 1955, and in terms of popular culture the decade would hardly be worth mentioning without rock'n'roll.

For another, the feel of the time has not only been forgotten but also erased.

● Many parents were worried about their daughters adoring black rock musicians, fearing the possibility of racial commingling. All it took was a few fatal accidents and the other 99% of the custom cars and hot rods were considered a menace to public safety. Rock'n'roll music was attacked on all fronts, with records banned and smashed.

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