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They have studied past societies their state structures and have gained a clear understanding as to why a society may have collapsed or failed.Sabloff (2008) states that there are three key factors that over time have determined the overall health of cities.The civil war in Yemen is a perfect example of semi-independent groups-such as ISIS and Houthi- fighting for power in a particular area.

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The war is placing hard economic pressures on the city.

Economic opportunities were being displaced outside of the Old City of Sana’a even before the civil war began. Committee for Cultural Policy 2016 Electronic document, https://committeeforculturalpolicy.org/old-city-of-sanaa-in-yemen-damaged-by-bombing/, accessed December 5 2016. 2016 Electronic document, accessed November 30 2016.

For example, smartphones have become a must-have tool for ordering food when gluttony strikes, or to watch movies and shows on the couch when your feeling lazy.

We also use our phones when we want to give in to lust or to appear to make our lives look better than they are, and boost our pride.

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