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However, the real challenge of conducting fair and effective trials lies ahead.

Meeting this challenge will require sustained and considerable support as trials commence.

The WCC, together with the Organized Crime and General Crime Chambers, operates within the Criminal Division of the State Court of Bosnia.

The concept underlying the WCC initiative is that accountability for gross violations of human rights that took place during the conflict ultimately remains the responsibility of the people of Bosnia.

During the mission we interviewed various officials in those organs related to the effective functioning of the WCC including: the Special Department for War Crimes of the Office of the Prosecutor, the Criminal Defense Support Section, the Public Information and Outreach Section, the Witness Protection Support Unit, the Witness Support Section, the judiciary, the Court Management Section, the Detention Section and the Registry.

We also met with officials of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and members of local civil society.

Within each canton, there are municipal and cantonal courts that try less and more serious offenses, respectively.

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