Mature chatbots - 3 month time limit for backdating

by  |  11-Jul-2019 11:24

That decision followed a number of cases in the European courts in which individuals sought, successfully, to establish that their ‘normal remuneration’, which might include non-salary payments such as commission, should be used to calculate statutory holiday pay.The decision opened up the prospect of claims by individuals for large amounts of backdated holiday pay from their employers as ‘unlawful deductions’.

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This must be for the whole time you are asking for your claim to be backdated.

Not knowing you could claim would not normally be considered good cause.

You must make a request for backdating, this may be when you make your claim or at a later date.

The time limit applies from the date the request for backdating was made.

There are some circumstances where benefit can be awarded from an earlier date.

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