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) This apartment complex is by far the best place I have lived. there should be a rent stability clause if you have been a model tenent for over 5 yrs. The people in the leasing office are super friendly and the area is relatively safe.

I love having a home where neighbors talk to each other and the staff waves as they walk/drive by. A 300.00 referral fee is nice, but honestly, I've always loved it here. Sure traffic can be a bear sometimes, but as soon as you figure out the traffic patterns, you shouldn't get stuck in it. Lincoln Property would get more and better tenants. I haven't had any major issues in the 2 plus years I have been here.

I think it's accommodating for all the needs of one's basic lifestyle.

Based on location, value condition, management and maintenance staff, overall amenities and modern interior finishes, I would definitely recommend Aspire Perimeter to friends and family. Honestly, I feel the community is a great one however, since I could only speak for my own experience, I find that there are other communities around that are newer and their prices are more affordable and offer a bit more value.

My experience with Jennifer and her team was a real deal and went above and beyond my expections.

My problem occurred at the close of business and Paul, Britney and the maintenance guy, James we're all welcoming and helpful! The only thing I found confusing was the pricing algorithm.

The rent kept on going up year after year to the point where I could no longer afford living there.

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