Accommodating cultural diversity applied legal philosophy

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In the latter respect, multiculturalism is closely allied with nationalism.While multiculturalism has been used as an umbrella term to characterize the moral and political claims of a wide range of disadvantaged groups, including African Americans, women, gays and lesbians, and the disabled, most theorists of multiculturalism tend to focus their arguments on immigrants who are ethnic and religious minorities (e.g. S., Muslims in Western Europe), minority nations (e.g.Communitarians reject the idea that the individual is prior to the community, and that the value of social goods can be reduced to their contribution to individual well-being.

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Multiculturalism is a body of thought in political philosophy about the proper way to respond to cultural and religious diversity.

Mere toleration of group differences is said to fall short of treating members of minority groups as equal citizens; recognition and positive accommodation of group differences are required through “group-differentiated rights,” a term coined by Will Kymlicka (1995).

Multiculturalists take for granted that it is “culture” and “cultural groups” that are to be recognized and accommodated.

Yet multicultural claims include a wide range of claims involving religion, language, ethnicity, nationality, and race.

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