Accommodating students with special needs

by  |  26-Apr-2019 11:00

Classroom Accommodations Accommodations for Classroom Exams When students have approved testing accommodations (extended time; use of adaptive technology; distraction-reduced environment, etc.) and plan to take their exams in the ADS testing office, additional paperwork and preparation is required.

Glasses or contacts are an accommodation used by many people.

It would not be reasonable to say that if a person was denied glasses or contacts, they would just “learn” how to see without that support.

In this case, an appropriate modification may be to allow the child to write answers using a computer.

Children with disabilities are often not taught how to write, read, spell or do arithmetic in special education.

Because special educators want to help, they often try to make things easier for the child by lowering the bar with modifications and accommodations.

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