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Our property owners welcome families and friends and groups of couples, as well as stag groups and hen parties staying.

Choose to stay in a house with a hot tub, swimming pool, tennis court or party or games room.

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An employer does not discriminate by denying a job to a person who is not qualified to perform it.

Inquiries and Exams The ADA protects disabled individuals during the hiring process, by prohibiting employers from inquiring about disabilities or subjecting prospective employees to medical tests before hiring them.

By requiring employers to make reasonable accommodations, the ADA has had a positive effect on the placement of disabled individuals in the workforce, and has raised the consciousness of U. employers while reducing discrimination against the disabled.

The language of the ADA, however, is not precise as to the "accommodations" that an employer is required to make for disabled persons during hiring and employment.

In making a "reasonableness" determination, courts do look at the essential functions of the job in questions.

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