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I can get emotional sometimes but I very rarely show them. It says it's "unyielding" - I guess I AM in real life, now that I think about it. I'm average-short, and I think 10 is a pretty good number for that.

I can be quite tough and resilient too, it generally takes a lot to upset/annoy me and I never admit when I'm afraid of something. :3 I think it's pretty important that it connects with its current master well. What do you think of the symbolism behind short and long wands? I mean, even in the books, Ron had a fourteen inch wand and Hagrid an unusual 16 inch one. List your wand characteristics (wood, core, flexibility and length) and your Pottermore house.

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Playing with my Noble Collection wand replicas, I do think a 13'' wand feels about right - anywhere from 12.5-14'' would have been fine.

My wand is Cypress, Phoenix Feather, Hard, Ten inches.

What do you think of the symbolism behind short and long wands? There is the description Ollivander gives but I still think that, at 5 foot-ish, I would look quite silly with a 13-14inch wand. I think it fits with my house as well (see signature). I guess that the fact that Black Walnut's owner is sincere and loyal... Redwood, unicorn hair core, 10 3/4 inches, unyielding. Do you think that your wand on Pottermore reflects your personality?

:p My wand: Pine, Unicorn core, 9 3/4 inches, Unyielding Do you identify with the wood description? I am not easily swayed or manipulated and with my ambition, it fits perfectly. Going just by the Pottermore description, not at all.

I only remember thinking how not like me it sounded XD Anyway, I think wand core is very important, and the wood is secondary to that. I mean, the elder wand description is like it's meant to make you feel special ("marked out for a special destiny" or something like that") and elder is the rarest wood, so that's something. It always just sounded cool, and then I had "dragon" in my Pottermore username, so it made sense), and the idea that it's powerful was pleasing. I'd like to think I'm rather more flexible than my wand would indicate, but I didn't care much about the flexibility as long as I didn't end up with "brittle," which always seemed the least pleasant description.

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