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Our Vision To communicate important social advertising messaages in an effective manner, to empower the lives of the country' citizens, and be the one-stop agency for the advertising needs of all Central Government bodies all over the country.....

Our Role At DAVP, we provide solutions for the paid publicity requirements of all Central Government organizations, PSUs or Government Societies.

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When a brand rewards an influencer with a payment, free gift, or other perk, any resulting posts become subject to consumer protection law.

When a brand also has control over the content, they become subject to the UK Advertising Code as well.

The CMA enforces consumer protection legislation which prohibits unfair commercial practices.

being upfront and clear with the audience, so people are not confused or misled and know when they’re being advertised to.

One thing that could work well is the 3rd of January 2020,” said Drake during the call.

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