Adult cam vietnam

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As marcotted plants have a shallow root system, they should not be grown on hillsides.

Two botanical varieties, longan and longepetiolulatus, of the subspecies longan are grown in Vietnam. longan - grown in the north has small petals and requires a cool climate for flowering and fruiting. longepetiolulatus - grown in the south, has large white petals and does not require cool climate for flowering and fruiting.

The longan fruit can be eaten fresh, frozen, dried or canned, with canned fruits being considered better than canned lychees.

This procedure involves taking a slice graft from a rootstock grown in a plastic bag and splice grafting on to the branch of the mother tree.

The graft is bound with tape until the graft takes; this may take two to four months depending on the weather.

In 1997, total planted areas for longan were 60 000 ha, and reached 75 200 ha in 2002 (of which 49 367 and 14 530 ha were in the Mekong delta and the southern region, respectively).

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