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In the current study, we explored whether early adult dating violence (approximately age 20) increases later adult intimate partner violence (approximately ages 29 and 31) and whether family, peer, and parenting-related support and attachment ameliorate this relationship.

We hypothesize that: To address these questions, we draw on prospective, longitudinal data from the Rochester Youth Development Study (RYDS).

This research hypothesized a positive relationship between dating violence in early adulthood and later adulthood IPV and that support and attachment would provide buffering and direct protection for this relationship.

Family support, parental reports of attachment to the subject, peer support, and parenting-related social support all were protective factors that provided a direct effect for those respondents perpetrating dating violence.

As Capaldi and colleagues (2012) note, “we know more about risk factors than about protective factors; particularly, as these may provide important leverage for prevention, further attention should be paid to protective factors” (p. Life course theory suggests the importance of social bonds as protective factors that may prevent or interrupt persistence in antisocial behaviours, such as IPV (Laub and Sampson, 2003).

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