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Are you looking for LGBTQ-inclusive sex education resources? A., Thomann, M., Coventry, R., Macapagal, K., Mustanski, B., & Newcomb, M. Seems like a movie or playdate would be a better idea. Is ok for young girls to be promiscuous with one another but different if it's a underage boy and girl?Is it because girls seem harmless, they don't have a penis?

They also described feeling uncomfortable talking to their kids about sex generally (Who doesn’t? But beyond discomfort, parents of LGBTQ youth disclosed feelings of being unknowledgeable about the sexual experiences of LGBTQ individuals, and concerns that the information they provided would be inaccurate.

One mother in the study went on to say that she felt unable to give her gay son any advice on sex because she did not know what sex was like for two men.

Perhaps the answer is to just be open and frank with one's kids and set clear boundaries about what is allowed or not allowed during sleepovers, in a way that seems to be fair.

Making sure your kids are comfortable and willing to come talk to you about their questions concerning sexual health and sex education should be the primary goal, and much research is available that suggests an abstinence-only approach does not lead to the best outcomes.

Many parents attempted to solve this challenge by finding a gay friend or relative to have ‘the talk’ with their child.

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