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In some recent cases, the links between the arsonists and hate groups have been documented. CDR maintains that this link is evident, whether or not a formal association exists.White supremacist ideology is the driving force behind hate rhetoric and the use of violence to threaten and intimidate.In February 1993, A warning card from the Knights of the KKK was left on the door of a Five Points church whose membership includes blacks.

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In his races for various offices, Duke denied that he was a racist, even though his Klan activity and his founding of the National Association for the Advancement of White People is well documented.

His racist rhetoric prompted thousands to vote for him and financially support his campaign.

This paper does not attempt to report a comprehensive list of hate groups and racially motivated incidents of violence, but instead illustrates the flavor of organized hatred in the South. May 17, 1996--Three (3) African American Churches, Desha County, Ark. May 23, 1996--Mount Tabor Baptist Church, Cerro Gordo, NC. May 24, 1996-- Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Lumberton, NC. June 2, 1996--Rising Star Baptist Church, Greensboro, AL. June 7, 1996-- Matthews-Murkland Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC.

This short report shows that the Klan is not dead, but is thriving. From January 1996 - May 1996 there have been 29 incidents of church arsons.

A black couple seeking to buy a house in Austell, a suburb of Atlanta, were dissuaded when the house was vandalized with red "KKK" symbols and "niger go home." On July 18, 1993, four men dressed in white sheets doused a cross in front of the home of a white woman who lived with a black man.

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