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To expand the sale of beer, brewers expanded the number of saloons. It was not uncommon to find one saloon for every 150 or 200 Americans, including those who did not drink.Hard-pressed to earn profits, saloonkeepers sometimes introduced vices such as gambling and prostitution into their establishments in an attempt to earn profits.Practical – a ban on alcohol would boost supplies of important grains such as barley.

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Al Capone was taking in about $105,000,000 a year in the 1920’s, or about 1.4 billion in today’s dollars. Al Capone was responsible for expiration dates on milk jugs. Fats Waller was kidnapped to be the surprise guest at Al Capone’s birthday party at gunpoint.

He left 3 days later intoxicated with thousands of dollars in tips. An inmate confronted Al Capone to get back when he cut in the line, Al asked him if he knows who he is and while holding scissors to Capone’s neck he replied: “Yeah, I know who you are, greaseball.

This September 1921 file photo shows contestants in the first Miss America pageant as they line up for the judges in Atlantic City, N. Second from left is Margaret Gorman, who won the competition. Date: 01/09/1921The prohibition movement’s strength grew, especially after the formation of the Anti-Saloon League in 1893.

The League, and other organizations that supported prohibition such as the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, soon began to succeed in enacting local prohibition laws.

Some prohibition leaders looked forward to an educational campaign that would greatly expand once the drink businesses became illegal, and would eventually, in about thirty years, lead to a sober nation.

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