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The Breeze M fired four more times to gradually push Echo Star 14 to higher altitudes.

The rocket was targeting a geosynchronoustransfer orbit with a high point of 22,236 miles, a low point of 1,939 milesand an inclination of 26.7 degrees.

The Proton's three core stages propelled Echo Star 14 into aparabolic suborbital trajectory, and the Breeze M upper stage separated fromthe Proton vehicle at T 9 minutes, 42 seconds.

The Breeze M ignited its main engine for nearlyfour-and-a-half minutes to deliver Echo Star 14 into a low-altitude parkingorbit about 16 minutes after liftoff, according to ILS.

It will replace the Echo Star 7 satellite launched on an Atlas rocket in February 2002.

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