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Later, Alex realized that dogs were his muse, and after laughing at this, he became upset towards Alex.

She then used a muse shell to make Mason change his mind, but it didn't go well.

Not only does Alex struggle with the pronunciation of Akemi's name, but she's left further baffled by the latter's dinner date antics."I did mushrooms for the first time when I was camping," Akemi relays to Alex while stroking nearby plants. It feels so good to be dirty.'""I don't think I've ever looked at a leaf like that," Alex responds. "It's just like being present with the food."Although Alex struggles to comprehend the holistic exercise, Akemi assures her it's just about expressing yourself.

Both girls soon ran into him, and despise his pleas for them to leave, saw him transform into a werewolf.

Alex then revealed she was a wizard to him, although Harper tried to make her look desperate.

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The dog is Mason but the country wizards who have him will only trade him for a portal.

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