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The other people who alleged that Kozinski behaved inappropriately toward them worked in the Ninth Circuit both before and after her, up to 2012.

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Bond, who went on to clerk for the Supreme Court and now works as a romance novelist writing under the name Courtney Milan, and another clerk, Emily Murphy, who worked for a different judge on the Ninth Circuit and is now a law professor, described their experiences in on-the-record interviews.

The other four women spoke on the condition that their names and some other identifying information not be published, out of fear that they might face retaliation from Kozinski or others.

Decades ago, long before he was a federal judge, he appeared on the television show Kozinski was appointed to the Ninth Circuit by President Ronald Reagan in 1985.

He is an atypical federal appeals court judge – authoring irreverent opinions and not shying, as many of his colleagues do, from media appearances.

Kozinski, according to Murphy and two others present at the time who spoke to the Post, said that if that were the case, she should work out naked.

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