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You won't judge him or think less of him if he gets fired or screws up at work or does anything else that threatens his ego. He takes a few too many shots, temporarily forgets he is attached, and makes out with whatever girl is at arm's length in the bar. And luckily for you, most boys grow out of immaturity (whereas a natural-born cheater will seldom change his ways.) "Many young, college-age men don't understand the importance of a relationship," says Kudia. "They take their girlfriends for granted until something catastrophic happens." When catastrophe strikes, be hard on him and tell him you won't stick around if he doesn't shape up and grow up. Going back for seconds with an old girlfriend could mean he wants to get back together with her.

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Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

You’ve finally met the person of your dreams, and you can’t believe how well things are going. You begin to see a troubling pattern: Most of your relationships ended with your partner cheating on you. Best answer: A If you answered C, you are unknowingly giving your partner license to cheat through your self-blame.

The cheating will continue until he or she is convinced the behavior is destroying the relationship. I’m so lucky to have him, I don’t want to bother him and mess this up. In this situation, your best plan of action would be answer C. Instead of making excuses, find out what’s going on and then decide on the future of the relationship.

Or perhaps you think you can’t do better than the cheaters you’ve been dating.

Most of the time, a healthy dose of reality is enough to straighten out an "immature cheater." Break It Off!

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