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Yes, they wanted Egypt to be friendly towards the West and policymakers believed both the British and the French were making big mistakes in that regard because of their reluctance to accommodate nationalist demands.

The United States did not want to see a military vacuum either, so it was a very tricky situation.

This is why our logo is the looped cross; our culture is the vessel through which our religion is expressed, and being Coptic is inextricably linked with Egypt- although, it is important to note, not necessarily linked with being Egyptian.

This is also why we created the Coptic Voice: to have a place where we can come together to not only dialogue about what it means to be a Copt living in America, but to unite as one Coptic Voice as well.

Nevertheless, it has a strong hold on our imagination, our pride, and our lives. This is perhaps the most limited, since Coptic culture is no longer dominant in any country; rather, in every Sunday liturgy, every bible study, and every church retreat, our Coptic culture comes to life.

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