Doxing chatrandom - American reality dating

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Ever since television has been around, people have been questioning the "reality" of shows featuring real-life contestants.

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Ever since the term was coined in 2011, "Catfish" is a verb that refers to someone who manipulates people online into "dating" them while they pose as a made-up person.

Sometimes it's done just for a joke, but other times there is a more sinister motive at play.

For example, the "restaurant" that they work in isn't a real restaurant, it is a sound stage fitted to act as one!

To dial up the drama (and Ramsey's temper), producers would often swap out ingredients for the contestants, causing their meal to turn out sub-par and earning them a berating from the chef.

In fact, the contestants' suitcases that they took with them were usually empty (save a few necessities), and the elevator ride and taxi transportation were purely for show.

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