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OSS maintainers can now safely drop PHP 5.6 support with zero arguments against it, but at the price of complaints from many (lazy, irresponsible) users.

Companies are unfortunately still too afraid of change/updates, and many didn't get the note about shorter life cycles ...

People wonder why I care so much about bad security on websites that don't lead to much impact in case of stolen passwords. Your leaked passwords affect your clients on other sites, sometimes to a much higher degree.

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Still difficult when the exams cover 8ish chapters. His tests for FIN 331 ARE actually based on what is in the textbook/power points which is GREAT (I can't say that for his BA 323 class which I took as well), WOULD RECOMMEND for this class. You learn a lot about about real estate and finance in this class. He can be kind of difficult to understand and students would sometimes argue with him.

Grading criteria is very straight forward as is the entire class. 3 hws and 3 tests, currently in the class and I like it, pretty straight forward, can use 2 sheets of notes on exams which is helpful. No attendance taken, but a lot of information in his lectures. Test are hard, 3 homework assignments (work in a group), never opened the book. His exams were really hard for me no matter how hard I studied for them. He was nice and all but his teaching style was not for me.

He makes lectures very informative and interesting! andreev is hilarious per usual, if you ask for help, he will extend the effort!

It's a 120-million-member social network that's adding over 300,000 users a day, with more than 4.3 million daily photo and video uploads, and seven billion monthly page views.

That's the issue we have - not all comments per se, but the fallacy that having comments magically makes code better. Explicit declarations are better, but as I'm yet to utilize visibility on constants, I don't feel a need to add public just for the sake of having it.

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