Annalynne mccord and ryan eggold dating were nicole brown simpson and ron goldman dating

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Teddy asks Ian not to tell anybody about picking him up at a gay bar the night before. It's a bit awkward at first, but the ice breaks and they agree they had fun the other night, and the sex was good, too. They don't go in, or even look at the ocean, so why are they there? She claims to be a surfer, and he invites her to the competition. He roughly reminds her that she's his boss, and they aren't on a date. She tells him his friends are more than welcome to join them.

They decide it was a fluke that probably shouldn't happen again. They run into Teddy, and he drops his eyes and walks past. She asks Ivy to take a couple of days to teach her how to surf. He gives it to her straight, and she asks him to take her home before she bursts into tears. He grew up in foster homes, and spent six months in juvie.

Ryan's wife is non-other than American actress, Megan Boone.

But the husband-wife relationship of the duo is only limited to their on-screen role as they portray the character of a married couple in the series Due to the togetherness of the pair, Ryan was even rumored to be dating Megan.

Even though Ryan turned out to be an unlucky fellow in his love life, his past relationship surely made a positive impact on his career.

Ryan was born on 10 August 1984 to parents Karen and James Frederick Eggold in Lakewood, California.

But as Megan is happily in a relationship with her partner, Dan Estabrook and their daughter, Caroline Estabrook, it is clear that the dating speculations of her and Ryan were just the result of their warming on-screen chemistry.

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