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It’s funny when you’re chatting to actors on set and they go, ‘I die in this one. I think it’s the kind of thing that people will continue to pick up on, because I don’t think it’s going to date. They are amazing people to work with, absolute gentlemen, because they’re so good and polite and generous and all those things. Very early on I was stepping backwards in one scene, and Ian Mc Kellen went [in a Mc Kellen voice] ‘Darling, me and Derek have been doing this for years, don’t try and upstage me’ [laughs] and I wasn’t trying to, I was just nervous! That was a very different one in quite a specific style of singing and acting.

Antonia Thomas (born 3 November, 1986) portrayed Alisha Daniels in Misfits, from Series 1 to Series 3.

In a interview with Johnathan Ross she stated that she did not like her character Alisha's first power (Instant Sexual Arousal) but she loves her second power (Clairvoyance).

I’m not surprised they thought of taking Simon in that direction… Obviously certain characters are out-and-out psychos, but I think Simon was just quite messed up. So I suppose you were looking forward to delving into a bit more of that in the film, had it happened? Were the reasons for why those changes were necessary explained to you? For getting you the job two years earlier than it might have been. [laughing] One of the showrunners has said about season five was that it's “time for negative population growth”. I did meet the guy who dubbed my voice in Italian in a pub in Belfast, which was quite bizarre. I still remember it, because it was so hard to say and also because there was all of them lot laughing in my face, it was very hard to say.

The only thing he really wants is for his dad to respect him and make him his son, apart from that, he’s just quite an evil psychopath with no empathy, so he’s happy about what he’s doing, he really enjoys doing it. It’s like a fun game, he’s basically Dennis the Menace.

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