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by  |  29-May-2019 19:01

Unfortunately that is all i can say for the game positively.

apb reloaded not updating-27

With that all being said the game isn't too bad but does need improvements.

The tutorials teach you everything you need to know about the game. It's quite worrying that, in this day and age, developers consider rubbish like this an acceptable standard of product. It's a fun game, but it needs some fixes and improvements, i just had an error saying that i cant log into the game because im not on the current version, and i cant do anything about it since that the game is not on my ready to update list.

The tutorial is unclear and dosen't really help either. The weapon variation is poor and none of the weapons have any visual mods.

The fact that it is very rare to run into any opposition defeats the objective to fight each other.

Both the revolver and trading system will be making their way to OTW shortly, and players will be able to join this test server as well.

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