Are minho and yuri dating russian dating sign up

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He also has good acting skills besides his good looking face.Ch Minho takes the role as the main rapper in his group called “Shinee”.

Sulli is considered as the There is a rumor spread from K-Pop fans that Sulli and Minho are siblings. It is simply because both of their names have Choi as their first name. It doesn’t mean people who have the same name would become siblings or family.

As we can see in the picture above, maybe some of us think that both of them have a slightly alike face.

As an active member of Shinee, he also widened his career path into acting, modelling and also as a presenter.

Choi Jin Ri known as Choi Sulli is an ex-member of f(x) girl band.

With his good looking and multiple talents, every woman could fall in love with him at once.

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