Armory page not updating

by  |  06-Sep-2019 11:43

The 911 .380 will be offered in Desert FDE, Desert FDE/Nitride, Platinum/Graphite, ... – For a limited time Springfield Armory is offering its first-ever Defenders Series sales event, featuring the original XD 4” Service Model and 3” Sub-Compact Model at an exceptionally deep discount.

The original XD set the industry standard for ergonomic comfort, intuitive use, features and performance in a striker-fired polymer pistol.

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first question did you copy the new armory.file in to the roster lib dir?

and what character is not updating and what realm are you on?

The attack speed values are the time from when an attack begins to when another attack can be performed.

I'm not sure of any resources out there that explicitly state the minimum charge time for a heavy attack, but the code does.

Hopefully this is something that can help both author and user.

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