Article about dating abuse

by  |  21-May-2019 04:41

Using a panel study design and translational analytic approach, we identified which factors conferred the greatest risk for prospective physical and sexual TDV perpetration.

With our proposed algorithms, we offer the first empirically based assessment tools for TDV perpetration.

Formal tests of incremental validity can help prioritize the most salient risk factors for TDV perpetration.

Traditionally, receiver operating characteristic (ROC) approaches are preferred to solely using regression-based techniques to determine the appropriateness of a screening protocol.

Because of the deleterious consequences of teen dating violence (TDV), identifying which adolescents are most likely to perpetrate violent behavior is an important public health priority.

To date, ∼50 risk factors for TDV perpetration have been identified.

Although these studies reveal domains of risk associated with TDV perpetration, it is challenging to translate these findings into a preventive framework.

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