Asp net objectdatasource updating event edating co za

by  |  19-Jun-2019 09:17

They are chiefly Data Access Layer(DAL), Business Logic Layer(BLL) and Presentation Layer(In Web Pages).

When I click on the Customer all details pertaining to the customer will be displayed on the new page.

Now, Im trying to edit./update the value of the customer details.

I want to use the Row Updating-method from my code behind and not the update method from that Object Data Source. Maybe you have to write a class directly for that Grid View to delegate the update and select methods to other objects.

My current solution is a method in the class "Device" that just goes back via a "return" command and so the Row Updating from my code behind is doing the job...

You can see my sample : DTO: HI Zhang, I do know that Object Datasource will automatically create the object if you are pointing to instance for update/delete/insert.

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