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Joannes de Mediolano Regimen Sanitatis Salerni sig. 264 Let the egge be newe, and roste hym reare.1607 J. Some diners whoformerly consumed their beef on the raw side began ordering "well done" to be safe.

USA government stepped in to regulate "safe" cooking temperatures.

This jitazo brought to Spain, to participate in the recording of TVE special New Year’s Eve 1987.

A performance like any other a priori but that stuck in the collective memory to fire.

After this “tetagate” (which many say inspired the famous performance of Janet Jackson in Super Bowl), Sabrina became a celebrity in our country, which led her to pose nude in Interviu and other journals and presented together to Titan Ferreño Andoni, a program called ‘Beauties in the Snow’ in that original Telecinco naive sensuality that we miss so much when compared to the machine spit heartless garbage is now.

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