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To get to the Private Module of any Worksheet right click on the sheet name tab and choose View Code. Send payment proof to [email protected] 31 days after purchase date.

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Read this post if you'd rather refresh your pivot table when you activate pivot table worksheet.

Here is instructions on how to insert the event code to your "pivot table data source" worksheet: Your pivot table is now instantly refreshed whenever a cell value on worksheet "Data" has changed, and the pivot table source data range is adjusted if values have been added/deleted to your excel defined table.

You need to modify this code to make it work for your workbook: Now when you change anything in the data source, the Pivot Table would automatically get refreshed. Note: Since there is a macro in the workbook, save this with or extension.

For refreshing your Pivot Table or update Pivot Table you need to refresh your Pivot Table every time you open the Pivot table document.

In this example there are two worksheets, "Data" and "Pivot table", to make it simple.

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