Wank buddy video chat - Ayn rand dating site

by  |  18-May-2019 23:33

Rand has inspired generations of rabid fans with her "objectivist" philosophy, which holds that pursuing your own self-interest and personal happiness throughout life is of the highest moral value. I bring all this up today not only because the movie just came out but because I stumbled across a piece in Time magazine about a dating site called The Atlasphere for so-called Randians.

Whether it’s Ashley Madison for its obvious moral issues and data leak, or Farmers Only and its anti-city folk agenda, we seem to be fascinated by the strange ways that folks find their better half.

So it’s no wonder that Sea Captain Date.com, the site that promise you will “Find Your First Mate,” has captured the hearts of thousands.

Have you ever wondered which novelist might be most polarizing?

I myself have contemplated this — and my best guess is Ayn Rand, the author of — the novel that inspired the new movie, which was released on Friday. If you meet a guy who loves her — or hates her — is that a dating dealbreaker for you?

Her first best seller, The Fountainhead, weaved those Objectivist beliefs into the speeches of the book’s hero, architect Howard Roark.

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