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Criminals in 2017 managed to get an advanced backdoor preinstalled on Android devices before they left the factories of manufacturers, Google researchers confirmed on Thursday. One of the most widely covered and hotly debated technology stories this year has been the public clash between Apple and the FBI. After years of speculation that electronics can be accessed by intelligence agencies through a back door, an internal NSA catalog reveals that such methods already exist for numerous end-user devices. Over 600,000 cable customers are affected Cisco Talos published its findings on a new Android trojan known as “GPlayed” on Oct. There is no reason for anyone to doubt that all Cisco hardware comes with a backdoor.

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Some wireless router models produced by Chinese company Tenda Technology are vulnerable to remote attacks, says Craig Heffner, the researcher who also spotted the backdoor in D-Link routers. The New York Times reported that the Chinese government has enacted new regulations that demand Cons.

" This malware mainly looks to steal users' information and can act as a backdoor to the compromised machine. sind frei von fremden Zugangsmöglichkeiten – sogenannten Backdoors und One could replace ' Huawei' with ' Cisco' in this article and everyone would just nod . In this particular case, the malicious payload being delivered by Jasper Loader is a widely distributed banking trojan called "Gootkit.

Two of the vulnerabilities were considered 'critical," allowing an attacker to take complete over an affected device.

An in-depth analysis first disclosed late Wednesday by Cisco Talos, the security research arm of San Jose, Calif.

For the fourth time in as many months, Cisco has removed hardcoded credentials that were left inside one of its products, which an attacker Cisco Routers Backdoor Malware identified, Ars Technica reports, including devices in the USA, Canada, the U.

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