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by  |  08-Apr-2019 13:51

The scam: Your utility company calls: You’re behind on the bill.

Pony up your credit, debit or prepaid card number now, or it gets disconnected.

Another settled for a .9 million judgment, he says. If you don’t recognize a charge, call your phone company for an explanation, Pozza says, and request a refund for anything you didn’t authorize.

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The tipoff: When banks freeze a card for suspicious activity, the cardholder usually has to initiate the call, King says.

Hang up, and dial the number on the back of your card.

This is a scam, says Rose Chan, a consumer advice counselor for Consumer Action.

The tipoff: Utility companies send warnings, or use automated calls as reminders.

If you are (or have already been) hit by this scam, contact the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaints Center.

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