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See the full endpoint reference for details of every API method, or explore them in the test console below. The most common starting point for using Loco is to get an existing batch of source strings into your dashboard.The REST API is not currently rate-limited, and we're hoping to keep it that way for as long as possible. Currently the only official Loco API client is for PHP. See our list of community libraries in other languages. We've got a brand new project, so we'll add some assets and locales and make some translations. This example imports a Gettext POT file into a fresh project which need only contain our default language for now. Importing them from an existing file is the quickest route, but the API also lets you add them individually.This will avoid connection timeouts if the import takes more than a few seconds.

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Select “words” to see a word count of the current selection.

Click on “characters” to view a character count of the current selection.

A: You can make Web Translate It output blank strings instead of nil values by flagging the translation as proofread.

In Web Translate It, a proofread, blank translation is intentionally left blank, whereas a blank, unproofread translation is a translation that wasn’t translated yet. Right-to-left translators should know how to input and use these characters.

Here we create a singular asset and then link a plural form by posting to its plurals collection.

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