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In BF2, whenever you fire a weapon, whatever appears in your crosshairs at that particular moment is registered as being hit, regardless of where they actually are at that point in time.This removes the need to predict where your target will be based on ping delay, and makes the game feel more responsive.Some people claim that by adjusting this value to match your average ping in the servers you play, it can improve hit detection.

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These are pretty much all of the useful things you can do by way of tweaking the files which I am aware of.

As I mentioned, most of the settings in the files can be (and should be) changed using the in-game settings, and many of the settings in the numerous files spread throughout the game directories have no impact on the game.

By setting them each to 4 in (as shown above), you will have them displayed as 'Videosettings_Ultrahigh' in the in-game Video settings screen, and some people believe this increases the graphics quality to Ultrahigh levels.

I didn't see any impact from this change, but if you want the absolute best quality in BF2 give it a try.

General Server History This settings show you the last servers you have successfully connected to.

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