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J.: What was the genesis of your becoming a relationship and dating expert? Instead of guessing who would get along, I figured I might have more success if I put all these interesting, eligible people in a room, provided some structure and activities, and let them decide for themselves who they liked. J.: Why do you think so many sex therapists and relationship experts are Jewish?LU: While I was at Google, I had been hosting these talks, bringing in interesting people to speak to the employees, so I had this platform. With this in mind, I’m hosting an invite-only singles party two weeks before Valentine’s Day. LU: I’ve actually talked to Esther [Perel] about this. Ruth Westheimer once, and before that I hadn’t realized that she escaped the Holocaust. Last year, I researched my own great-great-aunt who was killed in Auschwitz; she was a famous children’s book author in Germany.

We work through a boot camp curriculum, looking at what bad habits they want to break, who’s their ideal partner, how they can present themselves by putting their best foot forward. Originally I asked people to fill out a form on my website and submit their information to my dating pool.

I collected profiles from friends, friends-of-friends and eventually friends-of-friends-of-friends, and tried to set them up on dates.

No one else is applying behavioral economics to dating. I mentioned that I was trying to learn R [a statistics programming language]. After several tutoring sessions, and many lunches at Google, I not so subtly suggested he ask me out that weekend. I’m interested in what I can learn from Jewish spirituality and how to apply it to relationships.

Four years later, we’re happily dating and living together. J.: You do both relationship coaching and matchmaking. LU: The dating coaching is a specific thing, coaching people who are frustrated with past relationships or feel frustrated by modern dating. One of my favorite Jewish concepts is Alix Wall is a contributing editor to J.

Get Set Date is a dating consultancy that serves singles looking to cultivate romantic relationships. Everyone knows you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but in the world of online dating, first impressions matter.

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