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When it comes to my events, I try to include members of my community in the process, and empower everyone I come in contact with to feel like they’re leading and shaping the experience — and I do all that I can to keep the love and good warmth flowing.

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My wife was very conservative and I doubted she would ever do it.

I met my wife when we were both attending a small Baptist college in Georgia.

Plus, doing it together adds so much more energy, fun, and value to the experience.

Being able to bounce ideas off of someone else is powerful (whether that’s between myself and another educator/speaker, or whether that’s within the workshop amongst all the participants as we process the new information), and this sort of synergy sets a real example for the outside-of-MHWOW world!

That’s hugely gratifying for me as an MHWOW host (and human being).

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