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We can repeat this a few times to add several different categories: The cool thing is that we didn’t have to write any Controller or View code to enable this – the scaffolding support automatically generated the code we needed to enable this. We can then go in and tweak it as necessary to customize the functionality further.

before updating scaffolding from new db schema try creating a-14

For this sample we are using the default “convention over configuration” based mapping rules to define how the classes should map to/from the database.

This means that the Products property will map to a Products table, and the Categories property will map to a Categories table.

It will support listing products: As well as creating/editing new products (and categories): We can now build this entire application (and create the database that backs it) with ASP. We’ll use the “Internet Project” template – which will provide us with a default starter template for our application.

When you look at the newly created project within the Solution Explorer, you’ll see that the ASP.

After selecting this template, we can choose the model class we want our Controller to implement CRUD support for – in this case the “Category” class.

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