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And not just in terms of physically sexy, sexy on the basis of personality as well. But don't let that mislead you, I'm mature beyond my years and I've had experience with older ladies many times.I'm from Mumbai, born and brought up there in a very affluent family. Unfortunately, I've been unable to make friends with my fellow students here in my college because our backgrounds are too different to be glossed over.Even a Murshidabad silk ( won’t be a bad selection.

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If you are a finicky shopper who just can’t decide the purchase without browsing at least 20-30 saris then they must find it very convenient to shop for a Bengali sari online.

You can click on any product of your choice, take a close look at the item from every angle, read its specifications and then decide whether to go for it or not.

The pallu is very decorative as it flaunts floral designs and artistic motifs.

Since it is made of crisp cotton, Tant saris even till date remain the obvious choice to ward off the hot and humid weather conditions.

It is also customary for girls to wear lots of jewellery.

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