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"The vice president is not a hired hand but an official having con- stitutional powers," the unnamed judge said.Spokesman Krasikov said Yeltsin's decree would cause no con- stitutional problems because it did not remove Rutskoi from office, just suspended him until the allegations against him can be evaluated.Shumeiko has denied the allega- tions and said Wednesday he is press- ing ahead with plans to sue Rutskoi and others who have accused him.

She is now a visiting instructor in communications.

Hastings has her bachelor's degree from Bryn Mawr College and her master's from Bloomsburg Univer- sity.

With the planes flying high to stay safe from enemy fire, the drops would be a farce, critics said. In what officers here describe as the longest sustained air- drop operation in aviation history, more than 7,700 tons of food - 9 million meals -and 144 tons of medi- cal supplies have been dropped into eastern Bosnia from U. "It has been crucial for those re- gions- essentially, it has meant sur- vival," said Mufid Halilovic, a repre- sentative of the Bosnian government who inspects the cargoat Rhein-Main, the U. air base near Frankfurt from which die operation is run. 'This is one of the few things that has worked." A spokesman for the U. High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva described the airdrops as "ab- solutely lifesaving" for areas which have no other means of relief.

The supplies have reached hun- dreds of thousands of Muslims in 19 towns, including the eastern enclaves of Zepa, Cerska and Konjevic Polje as well as the refugee centers of Srebrenica and Gorazde.

Director of Annual Giving Linda Skinner is director of corporate and foundation relations.

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