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Many truckers would reside near their source of work and so most truckers would also be located in the cities and towns.

However you can also find truckers in the more rural areas also.

If you're a business professional, young & just starting out your career then you'll be fine.

Capitol Hill/First Hill is going to be more expensive, although closer to NYC density-wise. With creativity and monetizing each trip, it is doable.

Light rail, streetcar, and buses give you good connections. I do however stand by my statement that Eastside is tougher to live in w/o a car.

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. Honestly, I find men everywhere don’t approach much anymore with the online options. I do hope to live in Capitol Hill near my job or maybe try Ballard. As to the bolded, getting out to enjoy nature without a car (been there, done that) means joining a hiking group that carpools, or getting a cheap weekend rental through Enterprise car rentals, or using car-sharing venues. I have a thing on my FB page that says, "those of you who think you are nice guys...probably aren't as nice as you think you are! I am rather direct, fearless without being *too* jerky, and articulate. Wouldn't surprise me if we've already met, if we have similar circles: I definitely do with at least one another person on here, whom I shall not name, which I did think amusing when we figured it out some years ago OP will be fine.

The goal is to get by without a car and maybe get one at a later time. fullpage=true For more of a dating crowd in their 30s, look at Lower Queen Anne. If not quite nice...that's the way to pickup (or rather, engage with in a healthy way) single ladies. There are younger, presentable, non-jerky versions of me who make good money around here who won't be afraid to ask her out. I Uber the heck out of my business trips anymore which sure beats renting cars where I am.

Our free site aims to help connecting you with single local truckers who not only share those long hours on the road, but also any interests you have.

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