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Add in the year-round need for hostess gifts, anniversary and birthday presents, and ways for husbands to get out of the doghouse, and it’s pretty clear that a florist can find business in pretty much any community.

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No freeways, just highways or “routes,” where “traffic” does not exist. I promise, it’s not as exciting as the Pacific Ocean. I can tell that most of them wonder why I would give up city life to surround myself by farmland and, in turn, limit my opportunities.

Their thinking is that you have to move someplace big to make it big. In terms of dollars and cents, Sorenson discovered that “each year a founder lived in the region reduced the failure rate [of the business] by nearly 2%, and each additional year of tenure translated into $1,362 more in profits in each year of operation.” Sorenson speculates that this hometown advantage allows local entrepreneurs to understand the needs and fit of the region, in addition to having a better network of potential customers, employees, and social connections who will advertise through word of mouth for free.

According to Beth, “we generate business from word of mouth.

Each birthday cake goes to a party with lots of people, so we try to make every cake really special.” These small inns are a great business idea for any historic homeowner.

It’s so important to build relationships with my customers while they are in the store. For example, much of my business is custom personalized products, like brides who are looking for custom wedding invitations.

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