Black dating in netherlands

by  |  02-Sep-2019 02:42

In comparison with other men in Europe, Dutch guys have difficulties settling down.The Dutch are in average way over 30 years old to buy a house or get married.

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Dutch women have taken the manhood out of their men – and now they go after Arabic immigrants to get their fix. He was thoughtful, considerate, listened etc…and for that I respect him 100% and also thought highly of Dutch people based on this. I’ve also just been to Amsterdam for the weekend…and I agree…Dutch men do not flirt!!

It was the most unflattering nights out Ive had in a long time.

Of al the Dutch men until 39 years, nearly 80% does not find women in high heels attractive!

Dutch men are not considered to be the most attractive in the world.

Everybody who has ever lived in the Netherlands or has dated Dutch men, seems to have an opinion about Dutch men.

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