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by  |  01-Sep-2019 14:16

As far as how writing compares to making an album, it’s pretty much the opposite.With writing and comedy, it’s the act of doing it that I enjoy most.

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That’s the fun part for me- I’m not that concerned with eating them. That essay kind of ended up making sense of the book for me in the end.

Aside from hopefully being entertaining and stuff, I think the book ended up being about my becoming a man and becoming comfortable with who I am and not being anyone’s kid anymore, just being me.

And even with my favorite suits or outfits, I’ll look in the mirror and think “Wow — that’s a great outfit.

It doesn’t look good on me, but I’m sure somebody else would look awesome in it.” As far as getting naked goes, I tend to avoid it as much as possible.

I realize that people who are into what I do as a performer will likely/hopefully read the book, but I wanted it to be a book that would be enjoyable to someone who didn’t know anything about me at all.

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