Blind dating lt btg

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The first relationship was a rebound and that hurt alot when he decided he wanted to date other women..l learned to get through life on my own as hard as it is at times, but l also learned that there was a difference in finding someone to be there and finding someone you cannot live without..l do wish you all the best in your journey and in finding that special someone. Tere are a lot of possinilities to find somebody don't even leaving our home. As a single woman living in a small town you're likely to be followed home by some....wait, hang on, someone's at my door.

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lt is when you are least expecting it, that you may find someone .. And like somene else said when you move to a small community everyone knows everybody who's dated, slept with, married, divorced, had kids with or caught an STD from someone else who used to live down the street from them when they were growing up.

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