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Gogol continues his life in New York, though he visits his mother and sister in Boston more frequently.

Ashima sets Gogol up with Moushumi, a family friend from Pemberton Road, who now studies for a French-literature Ph D in New York. The couple takes a trip to Paris, where Moushumi delivers a paper at a conference. Moushumi likes spending time with her artistic, Brooklyn friends, whereas Gogol finds them frustrating and selfish.

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Gogol and Moushumi initially resist this blind date, but find that they like and understand one another. After about a year, they marry in a large Bengali ceremony in New Jersey, near where Moushumi’s parents now live. Gogol also resents the specter of Graham, Moushumi’s banker ex-fiancé, who was good friends with the artistic crew Moushumi still adores.

Moushumi, feeling confined in the marriage, begins an affair with an old friend, an aimless academic named Dimitri Desjardins.

Gogol officially changes his name to Nikhil before going to Yale.

He meets a girl there named Ruth, and they fall in love, dating for over a year.

The two met in Calcutta, where their marriage was arranged by their parents.

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