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by  |  04-Oct-2019 01:39

Tonight Bloglines is launching a new design at, which includes a new personalizable Start Page, more views, and drag and drop Ajax functionality.I spoke to new Bloglines GM Eric Engleman about the makeover and tested the Beta Bloglines myself.Top Stories RSS Feed Local News RSS Feed Sports RSS Feed Business RSS Feed Prep Sports RSS Feed Opinion RSS Feed Entertainment RSS Feed Lifestyle RSS Feed Lowell Cohn: The Cohn Zone (Sports) Inside the 49ers You may have noticed Web pages sprouting orange boxes with the initials RSS or XML and wondered what they're for.

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The new Bloglines beta has a lot of Ajax functionality, allowing you to drag and drop feeds, get pop-over previews, and more.

Overall it provides a much slicker user interface than the old Bloglines.

It was something totally new and to many of us it represented the best of this thing called web 2.0.

So to see it being virtually ignored by its new owner over the past two years (mid-2005 till now) was a real shame.

Can Bloglines regain the support of the early adopter crowd and the thousands of other fans it used to have (and perhaps still does)?

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